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The projected arrival date would depend on your commodity development turnaround period and the combined shipping length. The turnaround time and billing cannot be changed until the order has been finalized.
Depending on the commodity, provides a range of varying manufacturing cycle times. You will pick processing times when putting the order. In advance, the consumer pays the shipping bill. We would cover the burden of delivery if is responsible for the shipment.

  • Bulk shipping can add at least one extra day to the turnaround period you have selected.
  • Orders are not delivered or shipped on weekends or holidays.
  • Delivery delays can occur occasionally.


A combination of the chosen turnaround period and delivery time is the approximate date you will obtain your order. Your processing period will normally not be changed until your order has been issued and billing payments cannot be reversed.
For your ease, provides a range of varying manufacturing delivery times, based on the product ordered. Not all of the below mentioned turnaround times are given on each item; as part of the order process, the available turnaround times will be mentioned with the item.

Standard Turnaround Time: (Free)

Usually 8 to 10 business days are required to ship the package after order confirmation.

For Rush Orders:

4 to 6 business days ship the package after order confirmation. The rush orders depend on the nature of job and delivery deadline (extra charges may apply).


For any items broken, damaged or lost during delivery, is not responsible. If your order has been affected, please contact the courier of the shipment to make a report.
Until making a lawsuit, please save all wrapping materials and broken products.


We offer free worldwide shipping. For any customs and taxes added to the order, is not liable. The client is responsible for all penalties levied before or after delivery (tariffs, taxes, etc.).

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