Multiple Packages retains the ability at some point in time to alter or amend certain terms and conditions without proper acknowledgement or warning.
Every now and then, it is recommended that consumers visit this article. The material used for the assembling of our goods is owned by Multiple Packages.
They don’t market the materials to other parties. If they distribute free samples or illustrate the consistency of their goods in some other manner is beyond the control of Multiple Packages.
Any user or visitor must abide by the following terms and conditions.


The user is responsible for any content that they upload, promote, post, distribute or disperse through our website, either photographs, songs, or any sort of media.
The consumer acknowledges that any material, including photos or text that they upload, display, promote or distribute on our website or that is used in accordance with the material/content of our website shall not contain any text, picture, trademark, logos or proprietary work belonging to any third party unless the respective owners have obtained sufficient permission for that purpose/usage.
Users accept that any online material that is unpleasant, pornographic and restricts our numerous users from accessing the resources of our website or infringes the acquired property rights of Multiple Packages or any of its affiliates shall not be uploaded, shared, publicized or in any manner circulated or dispersed by our website.
The products exchanged by the consumers of Multiple Packages are not governed by Multiple Packages and therefore do not offer any guarantee as to the authenticity, decency or morality of the item. For any web content that you deem objectionable, illegal or pornographic, Multiple Packages will not be liable.


You consent to take all responsibility to all harmless Multiple Packages that would include its owners, manufacturers, administrators, agents, staff, associates, vendors, and subcontractors from and against any allegations, damages, in the event that an allegation, argument or demand, or negotiation, litigation or taken place (collectively, a “Claim”) is made or inaugurated against us on the grounds of an accusation, claim or demand.

  • Violating the patent or exclusive right of any person
  • Carrying a defamatory, fraudulent, offensive, unethical or pornographic matter;
  • The implications of the unlawful right of access to every section of our website covered by a password.

You shall ensure and keep us safe against and from any loss, compensation, price and expense resulting from or related to the allegation, including without limitation, including without limitation.

  • Protecting us from every other statement
  • Reimbursement of all judgments or prizes
  • Returning us for any legal fees and administrative expenses in retaliation, as it legitimately incurs.


Multiple Packages shall not be found accountable in the event of defects in the final printed product relating to:

  • Graphics, punctuation, percolating marks
  • The difference in finished product size
  • Dyelines, Erroneous fonts cropping marks, cracks in folds
  • Spelling, Grammar, Font,
  • Overprinting errors


It is agreed that the customer is informed when accessing this website that Multiple Packages is the owner of all content/information found on the website, including writing, software, records, images, photos, graphics, drawings, designs and maps or any other/additional content or material collectively referred to as ‘Our Website Content.’
Until the written and lawful consent of the owners of this website, any alteration, upgrading, printing, saving, republishing, dissemination and sharing of this material is strictly forbidden.


We ask consumers and clients of our website to have evidence of the printing items or other services they request (which could be an electronic file or hard copy). No work will be submitted to the press without your confirmation of authorization. Therefore, signing in to the summary and verifying the facts is your responsibility.
We are not technically accountable for delays in the order induced by non-approval of the facts by the client. After your authorization of the facts, please understand the spin times listed in our website beginning.
Prior to acceptance, please test the facts methodically. You should make sure that there are likely mistakes in composition, spacing, copy, picture positioning or punctuation against the original file, and bleed crops, proportion, and final text.

Electronic proofs do not mean intelligibility; shift from RGB or Pantone to CMYK over print issues or color. Please note that the use of UV outside the layer or lamination will impact or modify the appearance of the printed colors. For the ultimate color appearance of a covered product, we are not liable.


From the website users or customers’ uploaded artwork/files, our planners and professionals produce electronic or hard copy info. We require the submitted artwork/files to have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch) at the ultimate size and in CMYK format.
If the files are not accepted in the final size at 300 dpi and not in CMYK format, we would not be responsible for printing as tainted, blurred or pixelated and color variations are associated with CMYK alteration.
You are responsible for the authenticity of your artwork/files ready to print, and any difficulties with the direction or alteration of the pages of your submitted papers. While we have all possible precautions against the loss of your uploaded artwork/files, we are not responsible for the visual/files degradation or destruction.
You accept that you are the rightful owners of all material you submit by uploading artwork/files to our website or that you have received sufficient permissions to access that information after you have received it.
We have the right to refuse an order that might in our opinion, be unconstitutional in nature or a breach of the interests of any other party. For the quality of the information treated and printed on your behalf and under your instructions, you earn full contractual responsibility. Without mentioning a justification, we maintain the right to refuse an order. Please note that we do not indulge in printing provocative, unethical or obscene content.