For every order made with us, we want you to be 100 percent satisfied!
If you are unhappy with your purchase and want to return an item, you can contact us by email at within 7 days of your order, specifying the reason for return.
We would also provide you with a return address and a return number, which is very necessary, since without a return number, no items can be returned.


Our boxes are extremely personalized and tailored to the needs of each individual client, but they cannot be sold to any user. Customers can contact Multiple Packages customer support within 7 days of distribution in the event of a product issue.
Items will only be sent back after the customer service department has accepted the order. Multiple Packages does not contain any returned items other than printing-induced consistency problems.


A customer support agent will contact you in 1 or 2 working days when you register a report with our customer service department. You will be assigned a query tracking ID for further processing if your request is accepted for a refund or secondary inspection.
Please return all shipped items, including samples and invoices, using the Return label, otherwise Multiple Packages will not receive your return.
Multiple Packages can repay the balance to the customer’s online bank account if accepted and reviewed.


In the unfortunate event of broken, defective products or wrong specifications arriving in your personalized packaging (outside of the text, content specifications and variances as specified on our product descriptions), please contact our team at who would be more than happy to help you fix things.
As these items are made to order, if the items you bought are found defective, we can only give refunds.
In any case please give us a call if you’re not satisfied – we will do what we can to help you.
Note: we still suggest that you order 1 unit to try out our service before committing to a larger order to prevent disappointment.
The Seller would not suggest any single application because of the tremendous flexibility of applications for the Seller’s products (s).
In addition, the seller takes no obligation whatsoever for:

  • The use of specific applications
  • The outcomes obtained from specific applications
  • The appropriateness of specific applications. Until buying, the Buyer is instructed to assess the suitability of the Seller’s items for the particular request(s) of the Buyer, and to carefully inspect and review all products before use.


Payments for orders will be in the U.S. Dollars. We will not start working on your orders for printing jobs or other services due to the custom nature of the printing items and other services we offer before complete cost, including all costs, fines, postage and handling fees, is charged via credit card or by the user of our website through an authorized payment form.
We ask our consumers to accept evidence (whether an electronic file or a hard copy) of the printing items or other services they request as part of the order placement.
The printing jobs are sent to press after the customers have accepted the proofs. No modifications are authorized to the artwork files, descriptions, or printing turnaround time until a print job has been accepted by the client and submitted to the press or via our website.
After acceptance of the facts, you have a short duration of 4 hours to cancel your order. A cost of $25 and 6% of the total order value will be paid for such termination, whichever is higher before the order is cancelled. Orders outside the 24-hour time limit will also be cancelled.
Such termination would bear a premium of 50 percent of the gross order volume to offset work performed in our pre-press department and cancellation-related financial expenses. We cannot promise that your order will be cancelled beyond the deadline of 24 hours.

Shipping Within the US:

The returned items must be shipped by UPS, FedEx or U.S. postal, payable by the returning person or individual. Please note: COD or courier shipments cannot be authorized.

Shipping Outside the US:

Prepaid ship items, by insured land transport. Please write “U.S. to avoid unnecessary delays” Returning products” on the exterior of the box.