Custom Printed Boxes

Why Consider Lamination Finish for Your Custom Printed Boxes

Custom Printed Boxes

It’s no secret that branding is important in today’s corporate world, and the image you present to the rest of the world is critical. 

To optimize attraction and assure a strong relationship between brand and consumer, consumer packaging businesses prioritize visual, tactile. And several other sensory qualities in their packaging design. 

The finish you choose for your folding carton packaging can add a personal touch. The best quality is commonly recognized as laminated paperboard custom printed boxes. However, they are typically more expensive due to their extremely protective characteristics.

Continue reading to learn more about the types of laminations.

Why Lamination Is Important for Custom Boxes

Lamination gives the finest moisture protection when compared to other coating types. Also, lamination is often used for long-term projects because of its durability and dust resistance.

It’s understandable, given that you’ll be storing thousands of custom printed boxes that won’t be utilized right away. Another benefit of lamination is the output of artwork.

When you see lovely custom printed boxes in Sephora, there’s a good chance it’ll be laminated. Matte lamination is used to provide a simple yet elegant aesthetic, while gloss lamination is used to create a lively and spectacular appearance.

This choice is used by industries, particularly in retail and luxury, because it has a significant impact on the final product’s quality and perceived value. 

Soft-touch Lamination

A laminate plastic film is glued on top of the printed paperboard in the soft-touch lamination process. 

This type of coating will generally mute and add a level of refinement to darker hues with a fingerprint-resistant finish while producing a fingerprint-resistant barrier. 

A laminate is more expensive than a coating, but it gives your packaging more durability and strength, which a coating does not.

Soft-touch lamination is less susceptible to scuffs and scratches, making it ideal for shipment. 

It has a softer appearance and is resistant to fingerprints, smudges, and color changes over time, which is useful if your product is going to be stored for a long time.

Anti-scratch Laminating

One important type of BOPP film is utilized for the anti-scratch lamination, which makes the custom printed boxes scratch and scuff resistant. 

It can also be used to successfully erase dirt and smudges created by fingerprints. As a result, the finish is commonly found on high-end cosmetic and rigid custom printed boxes.

Anti-scratch lamination is used to prevent scratches on matte laminated cartons. When matte lamination is used on a custom paper box with a big area of solid deep color printing. 

Such as black, blue, or red, the scratch problem occurs. It creates a matte look on the bespoke paper box.

Gloss Laminating

Glossy lamination gives the bespoke paper box a more brilliant glossy finish than UV gloss coating or varnishing. It’s a terrific technique to give the custom printed boxes a clean, modern look. 

The gloss printed paper box has a gleaming finish and is ideal for bringing the colors to life. Meanwhile, the glossy lamination combines well with the silver foil stamping to produce a stunning visual impact.

Matte Laminating

While matte laminating can be an efficient approach to give the custom printed boxes a great smooth look and a luxury quality feel, it is not always the best option. It looks nice with understated designs and color palettes. 

A matte coating eliminates glare and frequently appears cleaner because fingerprints aren’t visible after someone has touched it.

In addition, the matte laminate is an excellent substrate for applying foil stamping and spot UV finishes. The high contrast enhances the color’s vibrancy and crispness.

Wrapping It Up

Multiple Packages and its team of specialists can help you figure out the best ways to make your product stand out on the market. 

Contact them today to know more about the improved printing options, such as soft-touch lamination and matte lamination. The experts will assist you in choosing the best finish for your product while keeping your final price in mind. Visit our website now to get the best custom boxes all over the USA.

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