Custom Packaging

What Type of Custom Packaging Is Best for My Coffee Business?

Custom Packaging

Consumers think about everything while buying coffee, from the roast level to the brand’s location.

But what is the most important aspect? packaging and design of coffee bags. 70% of consumers claim that the look of the custom packaging significantly affects their choice to purchase a product. 

According to researchers, packaging can account for anywhere between 30% and 90% of a customer’s purchase decision.

Your coffee bag design is one of the most significant contacts a person has with your business, regardless of whether you sell your coffee in grocery stores, your shop, or online.

Your coffee container design not only helps increase brand recognition, but it also makes your coffee shop stand out from the competition and draw in more coffee drinkers and consumers.

We’ll cover all you need to know about creating coffee bag designs in our guide.

Think Outside the Bag

Successful coffee brands are embracing natural-looking, recyclable, and eco-friendly custom packaging, especially those with a goal to integrate sustainability into every stage of production. 

Customers wishing to purchase ethical, fair trade beans and grinds have a great reaction to the kraft paper coffee bags, which are a particularly well-liked option. 

While these different types of paper coffee bags offer brands the ideal canvas on which to express their creativity with their graphics and designs. 

Forward-thinking businesses are going one step further by rethinking the structural components of conventional coffee bags and developing interactive experiences with their product packaging.

Types Of Custom Packaging Ideas for Coffee Brands

There are some basic varieties of coffee packing bags that you would likely see on store shelves in the coffee department, as indicated below:

Straight-bottom bag

One of the most widely used custom packaging types in the coffee business is the flat-bottom coffee bag. It can stand on its own for maximum effect and has a noticeable shelf presence. 

Frequently, the bag’s top is sealed by being folded down or fully down into the shape of a brick.

Quad seal bag

The quad seal bag has a level bottom and can also stand upright while being displayed, giving it a visual resemblance to the flat bottom bag. But there are several significant differences in this design.

The quad seal bag has recognizable side seals that give it flattened sides as opposed to rounder ones. 

Many people believe that this bag has a more upscale appearance than the flat-bottom bag, and it is priced accordingly. 

Quad seal bags typically cost more than their flat-bottomed counterparts. Usually, a tin tie or tape closure is used to seal quad seal bags.

Air-in-bag (bib)

For use in food service or bulk sales, fractional packs of coffee can be bundled bag-in-bag into a bigger box. 

On a single bag-in-bag machine, modern coffee custom packaging box equipment may shape, fill, and seal the smaller frac packs before packaging those into a bigger outer wrap.


Daypacks are frequently used in a variety of applications for food custom packaging. There’s a good chance that you currently have at least one of them in your pantry. 

These packages have an oval bottom and flat top, which together form flat front and back panels. 

The bag’s top zips shut to lock it off. Daypacks are more user-friendly for consumers than conventional coffee packaging since they stand up easily and are easier to close.

Pillow bag 

The pillow bag is the most affordable and straightforward bag type, and it is frequently used for single-serve, fractional coffee packing styles. 

This bag design can be displayed flat. The production of the pillow bag is by far the least expensive.

Things To Consider for Coffee Packaging

To make their coffee stand out, several businesses choose to use inventive custom packaging boxes including jars and cartons.

Of course, by choosing this course of action, you can encounter difficulties such as:

  • Difficulty constantly locating the appropriate packaging materials 
  • Maintaining a budget; the more inventive, the more expensive.
  • Developing a custom design for weirdly shaped packages.

Consider your options and your budget carefully before deciding whether alternative packaging is a good fit for your business objectives.

The Bottom Line

Even though your package isn’t animated, it can evoke the same ecstatic images of starting the day with a fantastic mug filled with delectable coffee.

This sort of photography aims to highlight the product’s freshness, therefore it’s critical to select product packaging that will support strong graphics while preserving the roast’s flavor. 

Because these kinds of coffee custom packaging boxes are composed of premium laminated layers, it safeguards the coffee against air, moisture, and other pollutants that can endanger the shelf life and flavor of the blend. It also seals in the scent and freshness of the coffee. Visit the best wholesale packaging supplier now, and your custom packaging boxes.


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