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Top Finishing Options For Custom Boxes

Custom Boxes

We’ve all seen how excited customers may get when their favorite cosmetic brand releases a new product. Obtaining loyal and dependable fans for your brand is no easy task. 

It necessitates a significant amount of effort and hard work. Businesses must not only focus on product quality, but also on cosmetic packaging, which is an important aspect of branding. 

When you’re a tiny firm or new to the market, persuading customers to buy your product and tell their friends about it might be difficult. 

These paint coatings can make your packaging stand out from the crowd by giving it a distinctive texture and making it more durable and stylish. 

There are a variety of finishes available today, ranging from conventional to specialty, that can be applied to the entire package or to specific areas.

Finishing Options of Custom Boxes

Printing is lovely, but you’ll need to protect it till your customers see the amazing print you’ve created. 

So, what should you do? How to choose the best finishing options for custom boxes? Here’s everything you need to know.

Raised letter

Raised lettering, which adds texture and dimension to your product packing boxes, is another sort of finishing you may use for your custom box printing. 

Depending on the finish you select for your printed custom boxes, it has a glossy or matte appearance.

Soft touch film

Soft-film has two purposes: one is to provide customers with a velvety touch on the packing surface, and the other is to provide anti-scratch protection. 

They’re typically found in high-end packaging and electrical device packaging.


Die-cutting is a method of removing a portion of your personalized packaging. There are several sorts of die-cutting. 

So, you must decide which one is appropriate for your product packaging custom boxes design and structure.

Full color printing 

Full-color printing is an excellent approach to distinguish your custom box printing. You may print your design in a variety of colors with this approach, and the color combinations are unlimited!

No-coating & varnish

Varnishes are another alternative for those on a tight budget. It’s essentially a clear ink that comes in gloss, satin, or matte finishes. 

Digital printing is advantageous in terms of efficiency, speed of turnaround, and cost per unit. 

When the packaging is primarily utilized for shipping and transportation. However, embellishments and costly coating are often not necessary, resulting in no coating.

Textured finish

If you’re not happy with the texture of specialty paper and want to add your own design texture to the paperboard, try textured paper. 

The maker would create a texture template mold and press it into cardboard, resulting in the textured paper. This always happened after printing but before the printing was completed.

Matte/ gloss lamination

This is one of the most widely used custom box printing procedures. 

It gives your package boxes a more elegant and expensive appearance than they actually are, which might help you sell your goods for a greater price!

Debossing and embossing

A debossed (or deburred) material has an image or letterpressed into it, whereas an embossed material has a raised surface. 

This method creates the illusion that sections of your custom box are lifted when they aren’t. Something appears to be in front of them, but it isn’t. 

Any printed design will now appear considerably more elegant than before!


Waxed custom boxes may be required for fruit and vegetable boxes. These custom boxes are popular in Australia and the United States because they offer more strength to the carton and allow the entire box to be thrown into the pool without causing any damage.

Foil stamping 

With the use of metallic imprints, this technique adds much-needed shine to matte lamination for simple monochrome designs, making them look alive.

Aqueous (AQ) coating

AQ coating protects printed objects by creating a gloss or glossy surface that repels dirt and fingerprints. 

Water-based and food-safe, AQ coating is the perfect long-term solution for the food and beverage industry. 

Multiple Packages is well-versed in the food and beverage industry’s standards and regulations with a team of experts. 

This allows them to recommend and supply the most cost-effective and best-suited packaging solutions for you.

Score lines & lasered finishing 

This method is ideal for adding bespoke folds to your custom boxes so that Anyone can assemble quickly once they’ve been created. 

Anyone can use this technique on box lids to make them open and close smoothly. 

When you have a design with sublayers, laser finishing is also a good option because it ensures that everything lines up correctly.


Your custom boxes are a potential opportunity for you to highlight your brand and merchandise. 

You can use packaging to emphasize your company’s unique selling qualities and best practices. 

If you don’t forget any of the basics that make the packaging worthwhile, your custom boxes for cosmetic items can add significantly to your brand outreach.

There are a lot of rivals in the cosmetics industry, and huge brands spend millions of dollars on marketing efforts.

Coating and lamination possibilities abound in the folding carton and printing industries. 

What if you want to take your packaging skills to the next level? That’s why you should explore the aforementioned printing options.

You can choose from many different finishing procedures to improve the look and feel of your product. It also says something about your company’s image.

Custom printed packaging provides the best custom printed packaging boxes. The leading packaging firms have alternatives for any budget, whether you need something simple like a glossy finish or are ready to go all-in with UV gloss lamination. 

Not sure which type of finishing option is best for your products? Get in touch with the experts at Multiple Packages. Get unique custom boxes from our site.

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