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The Custom Packaging Boxes Known Facts

Custom Packaging Boxes

Having a simple presentation has an impact on recognition and will keep people coming back again and again. The significance of custom packaging boxes in the advancement of a business cannot be overstated. A true model is that a food item’s packaging is similar to its movement structure.

The functional nature of the item packaging is of the utmost importance. Picking the right material, whether it’s paper, plastic, metal, or something else, is critical, because promoting something well implies that it must also look great.

It’s the union of form and constraint, displayed in stunning custom packaging boxes designed to entice buyers to buy the item and then keep receiving it. 

Some of this is due to the fact that you require customers to not only buy but also to suggest the items to their friends and family.

In this blog, here are some lesser-known facts and trivia about the custom packaging boxes industry so you can get a sense of how cool it really is. Prepare to embark on a fact-filled journey.

Zero-waste custom packaging boxes

Universal Biopack, based in Thailand, created a technique that uses natural plant life as packaging materials, such as bamboo and cassava. The ultimate goal is to reduce consumer waste and eliminate plastic usage.

In order to gradually replace plastic packaging, the company plans to share this formula with food enterprises and restaurants throughout Thailand, and hopefully the rest of the world.

Daily usage

I don’t need to tell you that packaging is all around us. All you have to do is look at your workstation or your home to see how widespread packaging is.

Many individuals are unaware that most of us deal with over 50 different types of custom packaging boxes on a daily basis.

A true brand w.r.t packaging

It’s incredible to learn that Coca-Cola’s logo is recognized by 94 percent of the world’s population. (At the moment, there are 7 billion people!) That is what we refer to as a truly global brand.

Boxes made of cardboard are more than 100 years old

One of the earliest custom packaging boxes methods is the cardboard box. It was first patented in 1856, followed by the cardboard shipping box in 1903. 

The first fossil from the oldest human civilization was discovered in Germany in the same year. It’s hard to believe it’s that ancient. That’s for sure!

Nike made their first shoebox from garbage

Nike designed a shoebox made completely of recyclable materials, such as cartons, coffee lids, and bottles, in early 2017. 

For their Air Max sneaker design, which debuted that year, they collaborated with Taiwanese architect and engineer Arthur Huang.

According to studies, 75 percent of packaged items fail to generate even £6 million in their first year due to inadequate custom packaging boxes.

Edible custom packaging boxes

We couldn’t discuss fascinating custom packaging boxes facts without including Lush, a skincare firm. It’s possible you’ve heard that the protective packaging of their internet delivery is edible. This is a fantastic method to reduce packaging waste!

Who doesn’t appreciate a one-of-a-kind item? Especially when it comes as a surprise. According to research, 52 percent of online buyers are more likely to buy from a firm again if they get custom packaging boxes.


Did you know that every Christmas, 83km2 of wrapping paper is thrown away, enough to cover the whole island of Guernsey? 

Perhaps keep this in mind the next time you receive a gift wrapped in excellent paper — re-gift that wrapping paper to earn recycling brownie points!

What role does custom packaging boxes play in product identification?

Packaging should be in keeping with the brand and the product. This aids in the creation of a product brand identity that customers can easily recognize. 

High-quality printing, logos, graphics, and other elements all help to grab customers’ attention and establish a distinct brand identity.

A well-designed package creates the brand’s identity over time and helps to set the product apart from the competition. 

Customers can only recognize the product by looking at the packaging design on crowded retail shelves. Visit Multiple Packages to get the best custom retail boxes for packaging in the USA.

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