Custom Retail Boxes

The Common FAQs About Custom Retail Boxes

Custom Retail Boxes

Looking for answers to common FAQs related to custom retail boxes? You’ve arrived at the right blog. Below are responses to some of the most frequently asked questions about customized packaging. 

Go through them or get in touch with us to speak with one of our trained packaging consultants if you can’t find your answer here.

Why Custom Retail Boxes?

Imagine for a moment that you enter a store. Even if you went there with a specific purchase in mind, something or a few things can end up catching your eye.

You pick it up, take a look at it, and make a mental note of it even if you don’t need it or don’t wind up buying it.

How come?

It’s very likely that the packaging of the item was the cause. Custom retail packaging has the power to sway consumer purchasing decisions. 

A product stands out on a shelf far more than one in a monotone box with a difficult-to-read copy when it has vibrant colors, clear, easy-to-read typography, or is wrapped in an interesting way.

Custom packaging and outstanding box design help your business stand out and make it simpler to differentiate from your rivals from the perspective of physical retail. 

Retailers adore adaptable solutions since they make their jobs easier by reducing overhead expenses and making inventory easier.

In terms of eCommerce, excellent bespoke packaging aids in extending your brand outside of the digital realm. It gives your customer a memorable and engaging experience. 

They are encouraged to buy more, and it encourages others to see what all the commotion is about.

Outstanding custom retail boxes can boost your brand’s value, consumer engagement, and exposure in both short- and long-term scenarios.

How is this possible, all of it? Undoubtedly, effective packaging consists of more than just eye-catching hues and straightforward content. 


Do you provide box styles not shown on your website?

Indeed, why not? You can use your own design-related creativity as well. Just be sure to mention your intended box concept. For you, we’ll make it happen. Additionally, we did our best to include all notable box styles on our website. 

Additionally, if you merely provide us with your box template, we will make a special box just for your products.

Do I have any restrictions on the colors I can use?

That depends on the type of bespoke packaging you choose. For instance, we currently offer 20 gorgeous colors to flood coat our custom retail boxes in. We employ a two-color printing pattern on our custom-printed tissue paper. 

Additionally, our unique roll labels are printed in vivid full color on vinyl material. It’s critical to understand both color restrictions and how they will manifest in the finished output.

What sort of custom packaging should I employ?

That all relies on your company, the goods you export, and your long-term objectives. Start with one piece of bespoke packaging if money for packaging is a concern for you (such as custom packing tape). 

You can test the waters, keep an eye on your spending, and gauge client reaction. As your funds or confidence increase, you can add more.

Printed custom retail boxes can be a desirable addition to your packing array if you send clothes orders out in retail bags, also known as courier bags, to reduce dimensional weight shipping expenses. 

Your shipments will be immediately branded, helping you to stand out from the competitors. Custom retail boxes can be utilized to raise excitement and anticipation if you’re investing in the unwrapping process. 

Additionally, using personalized tissue paper to package customer orders will swank up delivery and make goods appear more pricey and important.

How many days are needed for production and delivery?

Leave the rest to us once you’ve jotted down your ideas and used our cutting-edge tools to build the custom-printed box of your dreams. We won’t waste any time and will get to work on it right away. 

Depending on the destination, we always give our clients a manufacturing time frame of one week and a shipping time frame of two weeks. Our primary focus has always been on delivering your product as quickly as we can while eliminating any needless delays.

How will I be able to track the shipping of my order?

When your order has been dispatched, the customer service agent you spoke with about it will let you know the specifics of the shipment and the estimated arrival time. You will be notified of your order in this manner.

Why do you need my product’s dimensions?

Realistically, dimensions are required to create the ideal custom retail box style. Additionally, we need the dimensions of your priceless item in order to determine the box’s ultimate size. 

However, if you do not provide the correct box style measurements, there is a potential that the box may not form properly and your product may not fit inside properly.

Additionally, it will make the packaging for your goods look awful. So that we can design the ideal box for your goods, we need to know its measurements.

Lastly, is your packaging safe?

Our clients are primarily from the restaurant/food and catering sector. Food safety issues and worries about custom retail boxes are factors that are essential to us as well as our customers. For this reason, when food is placed within our custom-printed boxes, we advise clients to create a non-direct contact relationship.

To ensure that all health and safety regulations are always satisfied, edible items can be packaged separately and then placed in custom retail boxes. Multiple Packages is the best wholesale packaging supplier for customized retail boxes.


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