Custom Beauty Boxes

The Best Finishing Option for Custom Beauty Boxes: Matte Vs. Gloss Finish

Custom Beauty Boxes

You’ll need to decide whether you want your products laminated with matte or gloss lamination during the custom packaging procedure.

Although it may not appear to be a significant decision, it is one of the most crucial elements in the printing process since the option you make affects all subsequent printing decisions.

Let’s look at the differences and advantages of matte vs. gloss lamination for printing and packaging to find which is ideal for your specific needs.

Matte and glossy treatments, both available with a varnish or lamination finish, are two of the most popular packaging finishes. Learn the distinctions between matte and glossy finishes in this blog and decide which is best for custom beauty boxes.

Matte Finish: An Overview

A matte finish gives custom beauty boxes a softer appearance and a smoother touch. As a result, it isn’t as reflective as glossy finishes. And you won’t have to deal with fingerprints or glare. Choose a matte finish to give your custom beauty boxes a high-end, opulent appearance.

The usefulness of matte lamination

Matte lamination’s less reflective finish can reduce the intensity of colors, resulting in a more muted and reserved palette. 

With darker colors, it generates less contrast, resulting in a softer overall look. 

Play around with your color pallet to avoid a drab and uninspiring look while yet standing out from the competition and enticing customers.

Gloss Finish: An Overview

A glossy coating adds a layer of luster to your package. However, because it is glossy, it will produce a glare when light bounces off it. 

Furthermore, fingerprints show up more prominently on glossy custom beauty boxes. If you want a shiny look, go for a glossy finish!

The usefulness of gloss lamination

Because it repels dust and debris, gloss laminate is long-lasting. Even if it comes into contact with surface debris, it wipes clean quickly and provides excellent protection for your goods.

The gloss creates a luxury sense, but wrinkles, scratches, and indents can be more noticeable in a brightly lighted retail environment.

The vibrancy and shine of the finish can sometimes overshadow the nuance of a good custom beauty boxes design. 

UV coating can be used on selected sections of the print to generate brilliant colors, and the brightness and sheen of the finish can sometimes outshine the delicacy of effective custom beauty boxes design.

So, When to Use Matte Lamination and Gloss Lamination?

Matte Lamination

  • When your product will be exposed to direct light, matte lamination is the way to go. This reduces glare while also making the custom beauty boxes simple to see from a distance.
  • There will be less handling of retail packaging. Although laminate can endure some handling, scratches or scuffs from being rearranged around can damage matte laminate.
  • You want your goods to have a polished and attractive appearance.
  • You’ve chosen colors that are muted or modest.

Gloss Lamination 

  • When the custom beauty boxes are in bulk, you’ll want to use gloss lamination. Gloss adds an extra layer of protection against scuffs and smudges while also being easy to clean. 
  • Different forms of aqueous coating are also used to resist fingerprints. So, if this is a crucial requirement, think about your varnish possibilities during the packaging process.
  • You don’t mind the glare as long as the colors stand out.
  • You’re looking for ways to save money. Gloss is usually less expensive than matte in most cases (unless your custom packaging firm offers both matte and gloss lamination for free).

So, Should I Go with Matte Finish or Gloss Lamination?

Finally, lamination is a personal preference that can only be determined after seeing and feeling your packaging in person. You’ll learn what it’s like for a customer to pick up your merchandise.

Work with a seasoned brand expert to create package mock-ups in various laminates so you can compare and contrast finishes before placing a large order. 

Multiple Packages will collaborate with you to create the package you envision for your product.

Look for a provider who offers a wide choice of inventive custom packaging alternatives that may make your items stand out and make your customers feel a certain way. From concept to creative designs to delivery. All that’s left now is for you to begin designing your packaging!

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