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RGB or CMYK? What’s The Best for My Custom Printed Boxes?


RGB and CMYK—these color models play an important part in giving your packaging a fresh look. These color versions come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 

These are two of the most well-known color spaces for packaging. These two color models are ideal for designers and printing specialists to deliver the finest looks to their customers.

Here’s a brief comparison to help you decide what’s good for your custom boxes.

What Is RGB Printing in the Packaging Industry? 

This color space comes in three different hues: red, green, and blue. This color model is for high-resolution digital imaging on packaging. 

This color space is perfect if you want your design to be digitally supported with a great presentation. 

Also, this color space’s process succeeds a light gadget that generates the colors you’ll need for blending. 

The color white is created by blending these three hues in pure intensity. Custom printed boxes designers can easily alter saturation, vibrancy, and shading.

When to Use RGB

The RGB scheme is ideal if you choose to use digital schemes for the images on your package. It’s ideal for boosting the value of unique packaging. If you’re selling electronic goods and accessories, you’ll need to use product photos. 

The use of this color scheme to present digital images on packaging will boost the value of your items. Logos, site icons, and graphics can all be simply printed on the package. 

Besides, this will help to improve your custom printed boxes branding. It also aids in the creation of a high-quality background for the images. 

It is well known as additive mixing, and it entails layering colors on top of each other. The blending is necessary to improve the display.

These backdrop themes have a tremendous impact on buyers’ minds when it comes to making a purchasing decision.

What is CMYK Printing in the Packaging Industry?

The color space for printed items is CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key/Black).

Images are created by changing degrees of CMYK color mixing with real ink in a printing machine. 

Subtractive mixing is the term for this technique. All colors begin as a blank white, and each layer of ink lessens the brightness until the desired color is achieved. 

When all of the colors are combined in custom printed boxes, they become absolute black. 

When to Use CMYK?

For any project design that will be printed rather than viewed on a screen, use CMYK. The CMYK color mode will give you more precise results if you need to recreate your design using ink or paint.

Why should you prefer CMYK Printing for Custom Printed Boxes?

CMYK is the best option for custom printed boxes. It’s more accurate than RGB and allows for little shade and tone variations (which digital equipment can’t detect, but our eyes can).

CMYK printing offers more exact outcomes as compared to the RGB color paradigm. It entails the Pantone Color Matching System (PMS), which was created to help CMYK printers standardize color discrepancies. 

Thus, your preferred choice should be CMYK for custom printed boxes. Looking for the best custom boxes?

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