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Is Your Product Packaging FSC Certified? Here’s Why It Must Be!

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When it comes to purchasing items, the environment and sustainability are becoming increasingly important to consumers all around the world. 

The modern customer prefers ecologically friendly items and places a premium on the sources of the product, as well as the manufacturer’s production practices and policies. 

This applies not just to the selection of food and cosmetic products, but also to the packaging of those products. In 2017, FSC undertook an international survey to determine consumer familiarity with the FSC logo. 

The results indicated a 50 percent average brand awareness level across 13 respondent nations, with the mark being most recognized in the United States, United Kingdom, China, Germany, and Brazil.

What Does It Mean to Have FSC Certification?

The Forest Stewardship Council is a non-profit organization whose mission is to “preserve forests for future generations”. 

Setting criteria for responsible forest management is one way to do this. 

FSC-certified custom display boxes have a unique manufacturer identification code that guarantees the product was made by an FSC-certified provider.

Important Things to Note:

  • Indigenous peoples participate in forest management, which includes the protection of holy sites and hunting areas.
  • FSC custom display boxes are partially protected by preservation in regions with endangered animals and flora.
  • To maintain a CO2 neutral forest, trees are only taken down at the pace at which they can be reproduced.
  • All workers in FSC forests receive training, safety equipment, fair wages, and the opportunity to join or form trade unions. 
  • Any work done in FSC forests should benefit local populations, including the use of local labor.

Why Should You Purchase FSC Certified Custom Boxes?

You are investing in our future by purchasing FSC-certified items. All FSC-certified custom display boxes have been verified as being from FSC-certified forests, recycled sources, or controlled sources by a third-party certifying organization. 

This provides you the assurance that you’re helping to ensure that our woods will remain available for future generations and will continue to supply resources for a better future.

How FSC Verify the Requirements?

FSC has a strong international control system in place for custom display boxes. Wood must be traceable back to the forest from where it was harvested. This is true independent of the number of connections between the forest and the business. 

Every link in the chain between the forest and the customer must be certified and have a unique certification number. This is how the FSC system ensures that all FSC custom display boxes are traceable.

A checkup visit from an independent certification agency controls all links in the chain with certification once a year. 

Aside from yearly inspections of individual links in the chain, the FSC also oversees certification firms to ensure that they are competent in certifying to FSC standards.

How to Tell the Difference Between FSC Labels

  • FSC 100 percent Label: Materials come from FSC-certified forests.
  • They can make entirely of virgin materials.
  • FSC Recycled Label: Materials are entirely of recycled fibers. The recycling label, like the mix label, will indicate the amount of pre- and post-consumer recycled fiber used.
  • FSC Mix: The materials are of a mix of FSC virgin fiber and/or recycled fiber. The amount of pre- and post-consumer recycled fibe can be use to showing on the recycling label.

Packaging That Is FSC Certified for Your Business

Using FSC-certified paper and custom display boxes demonstrates a strong commitment to environmental stewardship.

With news of climate change and rampant deforestation, corporations must support the FSC’s aim of responsible forest management.

Furthermore, FSC certification has a significant impact on how clients perceive your company.

Using FSC certified paper and FSC certified custom display boxes demonstrate your commitment to sustainability to your customers.

FSC-certified packaging at Multiple Packages?

As a Multiple Packages customer, you have the choice of selecting environmentally friendly solutions at any time. They can provide FSC-certified packaging. And they can assist their customers in analyzing and optimizing their packaging needs. So that they are consistent with their brand and values.

FSC 100 percent, FSC Mix, and FSC Recycled are available for all FSC product groups, including corrugated custom display boxes.

Get in touch with the team today to discover more about their accreditations and how to get your packaging from a responsible source! Get unique custom boxes now.

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