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Incredibly Practical Ideas for Custom Mailer Boxes


Consider why you buy a particular brand. Perhaps it’s word of mouth or loyalty, but the packaging is almost certainly a key factor. So, how significant is custom mailer boxes design to your bottom line? Consider the following:

  • Packaging design influences 70 percent of American purchase choices.
  • 65 percent of individuals try something new because the packaging piques their interest.

So, don’t leave box design to chance. It is critical to creating a unique yet functional box design in order to properly utilize this potent marketing tool.

What exactly are custom mailer boxes?

Custom mailer boxes are the preferred option for subscription box firms and Ecommerce organizations because they are primarily used to store and ship merchandise. Its interlocking flaps and wings make assembling a breeze and keep the box closed without the need for adhesive tape to seal the box. 

Another key reason it is the preferred choice for many subscription box firms is that its double-sided walls make it more sturdy and resistant to transport than other forms of paperboard packaging.

There are several types of mailer boxes available on the market:

  • Standard mailer boxes with wings: they are one of the most frequent types of mailer boxes available.
  • Mailer boxes without wings: similar to the regular mailer box, but without the side wings.
  • Custom mailer boxes with an adhesive and a tear strip: Using adhesives on mailer boxes provides for easy sealing, while the tear strip allows for easy opening.

What’s Inside Your Box Must Be Safe

First and first, and most crucially, your box must successfully safeguard what’s within. If nothing else, you must ensure that your custom mailer boxes design protects the contents while delivery.

This implies that your box must be strong and secure. No one will appreciate a lovely box if their wine glasses get shattered or their poster arrives crumpled. You want your products to arrive at their destination safely.

Your Box Must Be Effective

The structural design of the box might also have a significant impact on your bottom line. Consider elements like shelf and storage space while choosing a design. You don’t want an unusually shaped box that will be tough to store in your warehouse.

When creating your package, keep transportation expenses in mind. If you’re not attentive, the size and weight of a package might unnecessarily raise your shipping charges.

Amazing Designs for Custom Mailer Boxes

You are at the perfect place if you’re thinking about your next mailer box design! In this post, we’ll go through the fundamentals of boxes and how to select the best one for your company. We’ll also look at some creative custom mailer boxes designs.

Colors abound

If you’re searching for adorable custom mailer boxes ideas, go no further than colorful packaging. Your package should feature a nice blend of bold colors, which is appropriate. Traditional practices such as dancing to the strains and sweets are best. 

The gorgeous pattern combination gives an extra layer of intrigue to the box. If you’re selling things as vibrant as these, then opting for an eye-catching mailer box is a must.

Custom box inserts

Custom inserts come in helpful when a product has to be in place and add an extra layer of protection to the overall package. Some items, particularly cosmetics, may be delicate, making such packaging perfect. 

Custom inserts must be tailored to the product’s size and form, as well as the box’s measurements. We can create packaging and inserts that are both visually appealing and tight enough to keep your little items in place.

Give your typography some thought

How many times have you seen a box with no text on it? They exist, but they are quite rare. Typography is used in almost all product box designs. The arrangement of letters and words is known as typography. Font sizes and styles are examples of what is included.

It’s great to experiment with fonts, but keep in mind that you want your text to appear attractive as well as be readable. Avoid using too many competing font styles. That might make your message appear sloppy and muddy.

Kraft custom mailer boxes

Kraft material is a popular add-on because of the ease with which it can be used to package many types of items. They’re also good for the environment because they’re constructed of high-quality wood and are totally recyclable. They are not only safe for the environment, but they are also sturdy and strong enough to properly keep and carry the items contained within them.

Printing plus printing

Multiple Packaging is a well-known and early pioneer in the internet monthly subscription box sector. The business, which focuses on beauty, cosmetics, and personal care, has been established for many years and recognizes the need to mix things up in order to maintain client interest.

We create custom mailer boxes design that incorporates a variety of vivid print choices that are all Spring-ready.

Focus on quality of custom mailer boxes

Give your materials some thought. Although flimsy, low-quality paper packaging is inexpensive, is it the greatest appearance for your product?

If you want to impress, definitely not. Consider what you’re offering and make your packaging reflect the quality of your products. Customers will expect high-end products to arrive in high-quality packaging.

The same is true for graphics. Much will rely on your budget, but if you can afford it, try to utilize high-resolution graphics. An unintentional, fuzzy image is not appealing.


The primary role of custom mailer boxes is to safeguard your merchandise during shipment. However, this does not imply that you should solely concentrate on function. Going the additional mile to create a stunning mailing box design is a terrific approach to building brand trust and driving repeat sales.

Do you need assistance producing custom mailer boxes designs that will make your target audience fall in love with your brand? Multiple Packages can do the design hard lifting for you! Get in touch with our experts today. Get the best custom printed boxes from Multiple Packages.

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