Custom Beauty Boxes

Hot Stamping For Custom Beauty Boxes

Custom Beauty Boxes

Every Beauty brand owners understand that packaging is the most important differentiator on the shelf. The hot stamping on custom beauty boxes involves pressing a metallic print or foil onto a material’s surface using hot dies. Glossy, holographic, matte, and different textures and colors are all possibilities.

Using specific finishing techniques like hot foil stamping and thermal embossing can elevate their product beyond the competition and provide consumers a visual shortcut to the quality of what’s inside.

Fine Printing Of Custom Beauty Boxes

Hot foil stamping is the application of metallic foil or holograms to materials such as light papers, carton boards, laminated boards, plastics, and corrugated boards using heat and pressure.

Why is hot stamping a good printing method?

For a variety of reasons, hot stamping is an excellent way to create luxurious, sophisticated custom beauty boxes.

For starters, the foils frequently resemble precious, gleaming metals, giving the impression that whatever is within the box is similarly pricey and valuable.

Second, foil stamping gives the surface a second texture and evokes the physical sensation of contact. 

What Is the use of hot foil stamping?

  • Give the custom beauty boxes a luxurious or one-of-a-kind vibe.
  • Increases customers’ awareness of the logo brand.
  • Being able to differentiate the package from other products on the market

Exceptional visibility of custom beauty boxes

Hot stamping’s ability to make visible labels is one of the reasons for its rise in popularity. It catches people’s attention, whether they’re buying in a physical store or online. High-visibility packaging is easy to remember, which helps the product stand out even more.

Stamped foil’s shiny sheen can also catch the light. When consumers are browsing the aisles of a store, hot foil packaging draws their attention right away. In internet stores, the same thing happens. The camera can easily record the details of the custom beauty box due to the excellent visibility of hot foil.


In today’s very competitive market, fully customizable individuality is essential. Packaging that is generic or uninteresting among companies in the same industry is no longer acceptable. 

Consumers form a first opinion of your product based on what they see in stores. Consumers will pass by without recognizing the product if the packaging blends in.

Users have complete control over their design while using hot foil stamping. You can customize your custom beauty boxes as you produce them to make them stand out. 

You can also use your brand’s colors and visual signals to design your packaging, giving it a distinct look that boosts memory.

Color schemes of custom beauty boxes

Because hot stamping uses metallic foils, there’s a common misperception that users don’t have a wide selection of color possibilities. Modern technology, on the other hand, has made it easier to make foil papers in a variety of hues.

Gold, silver, and bronze are no longer your only options. You may use any color you like, and the glossy sheen adds a nice touch. You can use a variety of foil finishes to improve your package, including leather, wood, pearl, and even snakeskin.

Processes for industrial hot stamping

The hot stamping process is simple to scale and implement on a large scale. On an industrial scale, this is an example of hot stamping custom beauty boxes:

  • The cardboard is between a flat plate and a die with the required hot stamping shape, which is heated to activate the glue in the foil sandwiched between the cardboard and the die. 
  • The entire assembly is then pressed into the cardboard.
  • The foil is squeezed into the shape and the glue sticks as the shape is pressed into the cardboard.
  • As new cardboard and foil are for the next hot stamp, the hot die is withdrawn, and the hot-stamped cardboard proceeds down the production line.
  • After the digital or offset printing process, hot stamping is on the cardboard sheet.


While hot foil stamping isn’t the only way to distinguish custom beauty boxes – cold foil, varnishes, and metal inks are just a few examples of other fantastic aesthetic embellishments – it is a continuously increasing industry that is here to stay. 

Simply expressed, the effect will always appeal to consumers on the packaging and provide a visual shortcut to the product’s quality. For more information about our custom packaging products visit Multiple Packages.

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