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Hang Tab Boxes: New Face of Custom Packaging


Hang tab boxes are an excellent option for merchandising and packing. They’re essentially tuck end boxes with an incorporated header that includes a hole for hanging the packaging on appropriate store display units.

The hang tab boxes come in various sizes to perfectly protect and present your product. It may also be customized with a variety of eye-catching design possibilities. This ensures that your printed packaging will stand out in congested retail environments while maintaining a consistent brand image.

In reality, you may be able to source your hanging cardboard product packaging in conjunction with relevant POS units such as FSDUs or CDUs. This greatly enhances quality while lowering prices.

Most Prevalent Types of Hang Tab Boxes 

Hang Tabs in the Delta Style: 

The most adaptable of the hang tab boxes. The delta-shaped large hanging hole area is to operate with a variety of peg hooks, including single and double prongs, butterfly style. The package’s width allows it to nestle perfectly centered on single prong hooks, while the top middle peak achieves the same for wider peg fittings.

Hang Tabs in the J-Hook Style

These have an open end that allows the product to be removed from any position on the display hook. When multiple sizes or colors of the same item are merchandised on the same display hook. It is much easier for the consumer to grasp the item they want without having to remove the products from the hook in front of it.

Box Top Fold Up Hang Tabs

These are ideal to stay flat in transit while supporting large loads. Set the package on a shelf without using the hang tab (to keep it flat) or simply “fold-up” the hook area and place it on the display at the store.

Flexible Hang Tabs

Their “flexible” adhesive area allows them to attach to uneven and irregularly shaped packing. This version has a delta hole that makes it a very adaptable tab that can be used on a variety of display hooks.

Round Hole Hang Tabs 

Round hole hang tab boxes are ideal for single prong pegs and display hooks. They are among the most cost-effective options, and they meet a variety of market demands for smaller, lighter-weight packaging.

At a glance, the advantages of hang tab packaging

  • Easily displayed on hooks and with appropriate point-of-sale displays
  • The integrated hanging tab eliminates the usage of plastics  
  • Custom sizes to best suit your goods 
  • Full printing capacity – from simple logos to photographic graphics 
  • Euro, delta, or round hole configurations 
  • Can assist grab customer attention and aid impulse buying decisions

Appealing packaging

The artwork for the packaging of cosmetic products must be captivating. Choose graphics, font style, and color scheme that appeal to you based on the type of makeup and other things you want to display in custom hang tab packaging boxes. 

The packaging should entice passers-by to request product samples. Use bright-colored backdrops and funky lettering to give the hang tab boxes a creative edge.

Endorsing products and items

Packaging has been increasingly important in recent years, particularly when it comes to distinguishing your products from those of your competitors. Custom hang tab boxes help you capture your customer’s attention and increase your productivity. This is why unique boxes with hanging locking tabs add value and appeal to your products.

These hang tab boxes assist you in safely delivering your products to your customers. Additionally, they play a significant function in marketing or advertising your business in a broader area. These boxes are great for storing stationery, food, and electronics.

When you need to market your products or brand names, these boxes are ideal. Hang tab boxes allow you to simply display your products while also providing excellent brand visibility. Reliable services provide large, long-lasting boxes for your great goods, which often attract the attention of potential buyers.

Print the boxes with a die-cut window

Customers would be able to see the eye, lip, and other makeup items more easily with hang tab packaging with a window for cosmetics. This will allow them to make a rapid and educated decision. 

The window should be die-cut for packing in a stunning style. Tell the printer to share some ideas with you, and if you don’t understand the possibilities, request sample hang tab boxes. Make the packaging appealing enough to make an impact.


If you’re starting a new firm or have lately entered the market as a new competitor, you’re probably already aware of the advantages of personalized packaging boxes. 

As business professionals become more cautious about their products, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Even if you’re a direct seller with little industry brand recognition, boxes with hanging locking tabs can help you get a lot of market share and reputation.

One of the most significant advantages of purchasing custom boxes from a reputable packaging provider is the ability to effectively advertise your items.

Hang all sizes of tabs

Your product may require certain hang tab boxes to ensure it stays aloft, depending on its shape, where weight is distributed on it, and a variety of other reasons. Our designers may collaborate with you to create and test the best potential design for your product. This technique assures that whatever hang tab your product receives will provide the optimum long-term hold.

Multiple Packages can assist you in finding quality hang tabs for your items by assisting in the development of point-of-sale solutions for even the most difficult of retail display difficulties. Contact us today and get your custom retail boxes now.

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