Custom Packaging

Don’t Miss Out on Custom Packaging Samples Before Ordering Wholesale Boxes

Custom Packaging Boxes

Packaging samples serve as a rough draft of your custom packaging boxes. A structural sample focuses on materials and construction, whereas a pre-production sample focuses on both materials and designs, including finishes.

As the aim of structural samples is to verify the structure and dimensions of your box, they will most likely be sent without any design or colors on them.

Sample on Demand: Custom Sample Kit

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a bespoke sample. Such samples are made according to your project’s exact specifications.

The bespoke sample offers you a precise picture of how the custom packaging boxes will look in full production. And it’s a terrific way to assess production quality before deciding whether or not to proceed with the order.

Recognize The Quality and Appearance of Your Package

You can get a better idea of how your package will look in the final edition by ordering a production-grade sample. Such samples are tailored to meet all of the specifications, including finishes and extras like foil stamping and embossing. 

This provides information about the print quality, finishes, and materials utilized in the custom packaging boxes. It’s safe to anticipate that your final packing will be identical to your production-grade samples if you’re delighted with them.

Examine the Level of Quality

Keep in mind that the color gamut on a screen (RGB) and on paper (CMYK) will provide different results. To put it another way, if you don’t convert your artwork from RGB to CMYK in Illustrator, you won’t get the same printing quality from your design when it’s printed.

However, changing the color mode of your artwork isn’t the final process. It’s one thing to adhere to the essential artwork rules, but it’s quite another to overlook the finer points of the artwork design. This is why many people choose a custom digital sample or a production-grade sample before ordering custom packaging boxes to find problems that aren’t obvious on a computer screen.

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