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Custom Rigid Boxes: Preferable for Retail Items

If your company is famous for high-end, luxury goods, you’ll want to choose a packaging printing option that represents the product’s quality. 

There are a variety of retail boxes to pick from, but nothing displays the quality of your items like custom rigid boxes from a packaging printing firm capable of helping your company improve sales. 

This blog will explain why rigid boxes are the best retail packaging solution for organizations that offer high-end merchandise to brand managers and creative teams.

The Many Benefits of Using Custom Rigid Boxes

You can design them in any size you want without expensive tooling, unlike other types of boxes. The graphics freedom is remarkable, with few limitations. 

Custom rigid boxes allow you to choose the board color, wrap the exterior, and line the interior for a really unique look.

The minimum order quantity is 1,000, but pricing gets much more competitive in higher quantities of 5,000 or more due to setup costs. 

For greater quantities and bulk pricing, you can combine different (same size) copies. You may design shipping containers to safeguard the rigid box in transportation when you deal with a firm like ours.

Aids in the growth of sales

Another reason wholesale custom rigid boxes are a fantastic choice is that they appeal to your customers in a big way, and what appeals to a client sells! 

You can sell more units of your products by using custom rigid boxes instead of basic cardboard or even paper packaging. 

If your product is something that customers won’t see until they buy it and open it, you’ll need your packaging to generate a lasting first impression that encourages them to buy. 

When clients have the choice between rigid packing boxes and other options, market research demonstrates that rigid packaging boxes always win!

Shoppers are more likely to interact with products packaged in rigid boxes

Brand managers are well aware that the luxury retail industry thrives on taking customers on an emotional journey. Customers seek a sense of exclusivity when purchasing luxury products. 

From the moment they see it in the store to the moment they touch it in their hands to the moment they unbox it, custom rigid boxes help them achieve that goal.

Keep in mind that shoppers are drawn in by attractive, well-made custom rigid boxes the instant they view the product. Shoppers want to touch it and pick it up to examine it more closely. A purchase will follow if the package creates a that profound emotional connection. 

When brands collaborate with their packaging printing provider to create a rigid box that accurately depicts their retail goods while emphasizing its unique qualities, added value is created, which improves the customer’s experience with the product.

More options and variety

The versatility of wholesale custom rigid boxes is one of the reasons why they are becoming increasingly popular as packaging solutions. While robust paperboard is the more popular alternative, what you can accomplish with it is entirely up to you and your ideas. 

You have the option of having enhanced or overlay options. If you believe your product requires a higher-end luxury feel, you can even request cloth and leather. Overall, this package can be used for a variety of purposes. 

You can have anything from just your logo decorated in gold on top to have the complete paperboard material covered with graphics!

Factors Affecting the Price of Rigid Boxes

As previously said, order quantity is always a big influence, and box size, of course, has an impact on the cost of any box we make. Other aspects to consider are:

  • Wrapped (external) or lined base/bottom and/or top/lid (interior). Everything is possible, but it comes at a price.
  • Any unlined or unwrapped surface’s board color. The cheapest paperboard is a natural chip paperboard. White, as well as other colors like black, are available for an additional fee, albeit they may have a larger minimum.
  • The extent to which the top/lid overlaps the base/bottom. It can have a 100% overlap or a smaller overlap. Keep in mind that not completely covering the base will almost certainly necessitate wrapping the exposed base.

Hence, you must choose packaging that not only attracts customers but also excites them enough to acquire the products! Visit Multiple Packages for boxes for wholesale at a reasonable rate in the US market.

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