Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging Boxes Ideal for Fragile Items

Custom Packaging Boxes

 The Custom packaging boxes manufacturers must focus on a number of factors for this. 

Additionally, the cardboard boxes you use for packaging and shipping fragile objects must be specifically constructed for that purpose. 

A customer always wants a spotless, custom-printed box that is in immaculate condition to ensure that the contents are in excellent condition. Packaging products are more complex than you may imagine.

It doesn’t really matter which shipping company you use to transport your goods; the only thing that can keep them secure is their packaging. 

Here, we’ll discuss how the custom packaging boxes are crucial for safeguarding delicate items:

Choose the Correct Size Box

Choosing an extra-large box leaves a lot of extra space when shipping fragile things.

This causes your object to move all over, which raises the possibility of damage. 

There are a few ways it may go wrong. Use of bubble wrap or packing peanuts is one option, but doing so will increase your shipping and handling expenses. Designing custom packaging boxes is the best solution to the problem.

The items are better protected when a box is precisely the right size for the product. 

However, if the item is really delicate, like glass, you may leave a one- to two-inch margin to provide cushioning.

This reduces the cost of your shipment and ensures the security of your custom packaging boxes.

Use of Partition Layers or Inserts in Custom Packaging Boxes

Assuming you’re looking for specialized packaging for light bulbs, chipboard or corrugated paperboard partitions are your best bet. 

Because of their thickness and ability to support each item you are sending separately, they are not only fantastic solutions. 

Particularly useful goods in unusual shapes or weighty objects with a degree of fragility It prevents the product from sliding or crashing into other objects and keeps it in place. 

Finally, it offers your packaging a remarkably structured and sophisticated appearance. You don’t need to worry because they are environmentally friendly and biodegradable because they are manufactured from recycled materials.

Alternatively, use a box with inserts, which can be adjusted to fit your products, as a fantastic packaging strategy. Such inserts are ideal for very small fragile items as well.

Since corrugated cardboard offers some cushioning, it is more protective than paper inserts and can therefore be used for slightly larger or heavier objects. The most shock-absorbing material for shipping glass is foam inserts. However, foam inserts cannot have graphics put on them and are not as environmentally beneficial as cardboard or paper inserts.

Fluting Or Fan the Box

For big cargoes, especially when packing fragile things, corrugated custom packaging boxes are the best option. 

They come in a wide variety of sizes, thicknesses, and forms, and there are numerous closure options as well. 

This guarantees that the custom packaging boxes won’t split apart in transit. Between the two layers of corrugated cardboard, there is a fold that resembles a fan that adds to the safety by absorbing shock and jerks and completely securing the item. Consequently, the item will arrive intact.

The best thing is that corrugated cardboard custom packaging boxes are evaluated for more than simply durability and weather proofness.

Packing Advice for Product Manufacturers 

Utilize corrugated cardboard for shipment, use enough cushioning materials, such as those indicated above, package sealers like tape that will ensure your package stays sealed, and proper labeling are the four fundamental packaging guidelines.

If an item costs more than $500, you might want to consider insurance. Depending on the amount insured, it usually only costs a few cents to a few dollars to ensure your box.

Keep in mind to package products according to their size and weight when doing so. An item or present that is too heavy for the box it is in cannot be protected, not even by the best shipper. 

Make sure your shipment carton has flaps and is sturdy and rigid. Wrap each item separately and provide a cushion of bubble wrap or another filler between each one. Instead of using masking or scotch tape, seal custom packaging boxes with strapping tape.

Use bold, legible capital letters to clearly label your box. If your package is fragile, don’t forget to include a label and your return address.

Use two labels inside your box at all times.

Some additional tips

You’ll need some sort of packaging fill to keep the item from sliding about while in transit. Foam peanuts, popcorn, corn starch pellets, and inflated plastic are a few examples that are frequently used. 

The goal is to fill up any empty space in the box, secure the object, and provide it with a cushion against shocks.

With glass products, be careful to cover the bottom of the box with some of the packaging fill material before adding the wrapped item on top. 

Use as many layers of bubble wrap as you like, but just one layer of paper should be adequate. Before you put it in the box, tape up the wrapper.

You can then fill the remaining space with that packaging material after placing the glass object on top of the initial layer of fill. 

Close the box and tape it shut after the fill has filled the required amount of space. If the additional tape is ideal to ensure a tight seal, feel free to apply it.

The Bottom Line 

Glassware shouldn’t require special postal services if it is packaged properly. However, if the glassware is pricey or important, a fragile or special handling service (if offered), as well as insurance, may be worthwhile to take into account.

To ensure correct handling during delivery, think about using widely known custom packaging box markings on your shipping cartons as well. Multiple Packages is the best wholesale packaging supplier in the market.


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