Custom Beauty Boxes

Custom Beauty Box: A Detailed Guide on Designing

Custom Beauty Boxes

Today, customers have a wide range of product options, making it difficult for cosmetic companies to gain their allegiance. When vendors have so many identical alternatives available, pitching new beauty and skincare goods can be difficult.

The value of personalized cosmetic boxes that have been painstakingly developed and printed cannot be overstated. These may instantly boost the popularity of your eyeshadows, foundations, lip colors, and nail colors.

You can utilize a custom beauty box to generate interest and excitement for a newly released cosmetic item. Packaging is effective marketing, product promotion, branding, and advertising tool for your company.

It would be better if you modified it now with the necessary things that will help you achieve your goals. It’s critical to add sparkling and stunning appeal to your beauty and skincare packaging if you want it to excite customers and competition.

It would be great if you evaluated all of the things that contribute to fantastic and fashionable cosmetics boxes. You may get ideas by looking at the imaginative packaging concepts of some of the most well-known beauty firms.

Here is a list of custom beauty box packaging dos and don’ts to assist you with package design and printing. Following these tips will most likely assist you in enhancing the glitz and worth of your cosmetics packaging.


Custom boxes with matt foil look sophisticated

Matt foil lamination is an excellent way to add extra class and sophistication to your custom beauty box. It’s a great way to make your product packaging seem silky and smooth. 

However, it is the polar opposite of the gloss foil. Matt foiling is less reflective and gives the design a more classic feel. For a more high-end look, combine the matt lamination with other finishes. It also looks well with dark color schemes.

Lamination is a good idea

The most common finish for custom makeup boxes is lamination. A paper coat is put on the packaging box in this way. The paper layers are often used to cover the whole product, both inside, and exterior.

Lamination is a great way to give your goods more durability and strength. It shields the contents from heat, moisture, and other environmental variables. Lamination’s only disadvantage is that it is not recyclable.

On the packaging, use enticing and informative text

The writing on the packaging plays a critical role in persuading people to like or want a product. Through packaging, you must provide comprehensive information on cosmetics or skincare products. 

Share information like how to apply a product correctly, the net weight of the bottle placed in the box, and how long it should be consumed once the seal is broken.

To be used safely for sensitive and other skin types, you must also include information about chemical allergens in the cosmetic product through the packaging. You must also use cosmetic packaging to add value to your cosmetics goods.

If you have a unique collection of eyeshadows, for example, have the characteristics and advantages of your cosmetic eye range prominently stated on the container. Give them a reason to buy your cosmetics and skincare products. It would be preferable if you answered their issues and questions through the cosmetics boxes.

Gloss foil adds extra stiffness to the custom beauty box

Gloss foil is a sort of lamination used to make your custom makeup boxes more durable. The glossy sheen enhances the vibrancy of the design colors. It also helps to increase the print’s saturation. 

Gloss foil makes your goods stand out from the competition. It also prevents dust out of the goods box. Gloss lamination can be used on corrugated cardboard, stickers, and rigid containers. Gloss foil has the ability to make your design pop.


Beauty boxes designing not with the target audience in mind

You need appropriate packaging for your brand whether you sell it online or offline. You may purchase them or manufacture them yourself, but make sure they are consistent with your brand and the things you offer. 

If you’re selling organic items, for example, you may want to avoid using too much plastic in your packaging. Similarly, if you’re selling high-end cosmetics, gold foil or glittering paper can be a good choice. Make a custom beauty box that is consistent with your brand and product line.

Choosing your custom beauty box generic design

Choosing generic designs is another typical blunder when developing a custom beauty box. For your brand, you need to come up with something distinctive. Customers will have a hard time remembering your brand. 

A generic design also makes it difficult for people to distinguish your goods from others on store shelves or counters. Examine your competitors to see what they’re up to. It will assist you in determining how to prevent being generic.

Designing custom beauty box without considering product dimensions

The size of the product itself is one of the most important factors to consider when creating a custom beauty box. Make sure your product’s package fits its size if it’s larger than usual. 

There should be no additional room inside for other items such as tissue paper or anything else that would defeat the point of utilizing a box in the first place. When creating your product’s box, keep in mind the size of your goods.

Final Word

High-end custom beauty box packaging needs extra attention and care. It’s critical to have a clear picture of the brand identity and image you want to project. You should also think about all of the finishing touches in order to make your cosmetic package design stand out without going over budget. 

You must be up to date on industry trends in order to create superior beauty product packaging. It’s also critical to know who your target audience is and who your rivals are. Hence, cosmetic boxes that are well-designed might give purchasers a premium impression. Get unique custom makeup boxes from Multiple Packages.

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