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Best Custom Packaging In US With Foil Stamping

Custom Packaging

If you’re selling something in a store, your packaging will be the first thing people notice. Which do you think someone will choose if they see two items from the same niche, one in a plain box and the other in a box with personalized foil stamping?

It is the foil-stamped box like you guessed! Why? Foil stamping gives any product an instant boost in value. 

It communicates to your customers that your product is deserving of the greatest custom packaging and that you’re ready to spend extra on boxes and labels because your product is so outstanding.

What Is Foil Stamping and How It Benefits Your Packaging 

In comparison to custom packaging, foil stamping, and other high-visibility additions on products custom packaging can help capture and retain consumer attention faster and for longer. This also applies to your B2B marketing materials.

Foil stamping is a shiny reflective finish that has the ability to change and bring to life normally printed goods. When applied correctly, your product will not only stand out visually but will also urge customers to interact with it in a unique way.

Here are a few more fantastic advantages of employing this printing method.

  • Make a name for yourself as a high-quality brand
  • Environmentally-friendly embellishment 
  • Complements other printing techniques
  • Versatile way of enhancing custom packaging


In numerous industries, such as food and drinks, toothpaste, and cosmetics, foil stamping, embossing, and other unique printing effects are already employed for product custom packaging

Foil, in addition to improving perceived value, also attracts attention, which can help a product stand out in a crowded market.

Foil stamping is a specialty printing technique that can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Labels & pocket folders
  • Product packaging
  • Holiday cards
  • Stationery & seals
  • Postcards & certificates

Most Common Types of Foil Stamping 

Different varieties of foils can be used to produce custom packaging and goods that match your marketing campaign or brand image.

They are as follows:

  • Metallic foil, which comes in a variety of colors including silver, gold, blue, copper, red, and green and has an appealing patina.
  • Gloss pigment foil, which came in a range of hues and combined a high gloss with a non-metallic appearance.
  • Matte pigment foil, with a muted look yet a rich color depth.
  • Holographic foil creates a futuristic, eye-catching effect by transferring hologram pictures.

Stamping with holographic silver foil

While traditional foils such as gold and silver will never go out of style, holographic silver foil elevates silver to new heights with its vibrant tones.

A metallic foil having patterns that diffract light through all colors of the spectrum is known as the holographic foil. 

Stamping with colored foil

If you want both foil shine and color vibrancy, colored foil is an option.

Foil & Spot Gloss Coating

Spot gloss coating, as the name implies, allows you to apply a gloss coating to some places while leaving others uncoated, while still having regions with foil stamping.

What Are the Benefits of Using Foil Stamping on Your Boxes?

Let’s get one thing straight: the selling starts with eye contact.

Your goods will get lost on the shelf if it doesn’t make good eye contact.

How can you make custom packaging that stands out? Aside from effective design, which you’ll need to produce by following certain processes, focusing on the small elements, such as foil stamping your logo, is a simple method to draw notice. Get custom boxes for best packaging from Multiple Packages now.

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