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Why You Should Invest in Eco Friendly Custom Pizza Boxes

Pizza boxes, with their highly functional design and wide range of promotional possibilities, are the perfect way to increase sales because of their personalized existence. Pizza is one of the most popular foods eaten all over the world, but have you ever considered the impact of pizza boxes on brand ads and sales when eating one? Due to the potentials of this style, the custom pizza boxes are commonly used in business marketing and promotion.

Material Selection for Eco-Friendly Custom Pizza Boxes

Kraft and corrugated materials are the most popular eco-friendly packaging materials. The number of layers of corrugation in corrugated boxes determines the box’s security index, with more layers providing more protection.

Kraft boxes are thicker and less flexible than other types of boxes. The thickness of the Kraft boxes can be customized to meet your needs. They are often used for pizza packaging, gift boxes, and a number of show custom pizza boxes on store shelves.

Depending on the product you plan to pack in them, both corrugated and Kraft boxes are excellent choices for eco-friendly packaging. If you’re shipping heavy or delicate items, corrugated boxes are your best bet, and Kraft boxes will do the trick if you’re looking for a package by industry that will make your product stand out, or if you’re looking for security options for packaging your food products.

Importance of Retail Custom Packaging

Regardless of the product, packaging is one of the most critical aspects that not only protects the product but also has a significant impact on the brand’s sales. It functions more like an advertising machine for companies, allowing them to engage with their target audience and increase brand awareness.

The stakes are even higher when it comes to packaging, such as a pizza box, since it is the most viable medium for brands to directly interact with their customers and represent the true nature of their market. The pizza box printing machine enables advertisers to imprint any desired graphics on the package, transforming the custom pizza boxes into brand ambassadors in the marketplace.

Maintain the Pizza’s Original Flavor

The high-quality boxes will ensure that the original taste and flavor of your pizza will be preserved before your adoring customers receive them. High-quality boxes will be made from the finest materials and will perform flawlessly.

Another critical aspect is to be familiar with different types of materials so that you can choose the most suitable ones. Custom pizza boxes are primarily made of cardboard, which is both environmentally friendly and sturdy, as well as ideal for storage.

What we Offer at Multiple Packages

At Multiple Packages, we offer a wide variety in both the eco-friendly custom pizza boxes. Other than pizza boxes, our product line for Kraft boxes includes, but is not limited to Kraft:

  • Counter display boxes
  • Bakery boxes
  • Mailer boxes
  • Gift boxes
  • Sliding-drawer boxes

Similarly, our packaging line in eco-friendly boxes includes:

  • Eco Friendly Moving Boxes
  • Eco Friendly Shipping Boxes

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