Custom Beauty Boxes

What Box Styles Are Best Suitable for Your Beauty Brand?

custom beauty boxes

Finding effective beauty products can be a headache, but that’s precisely what makes the finest cosmetic and beauty subscription boxes so great. 

It’s no secret that the cosmetics market is overflowing with old and new products, especially when new ones continue to appear on store shelves or go viral on social media.

Beauty boxes may take the uncertainty out of discovering the ideal skin, body, hair, and makeup for you, whether you don’t have the time or energy to comb through endless pages of beauty offers.

Here are the greatest box styles for custom beauty boxes to follow right now, ranging from clean display style to slotted cartoon style.

Most Preferred Beauty Box Styles of 2022

When we purchase any form of cosmetic, we do so because it helps us feel better about ourselves. 

For both women and men, using a great shampoo or a fancy perfume is a pleasurable experience. So, whether your clients are men, women, or both, using your items can make their day a little brighter.

You’re confident in the quality of your cosmetics. And you’re confident in the advantages they provide to everybody who uses them. 

But how can you explain these advantages to potential customers? How can you get clients to want your goods right away?

The answer is, of course, through the custom beauty boxes for your products. The appearance of your packaging and labels has an impact on the decision-making process.

Here are the most common styles for custom beauty boxes:

Auto Bottom Box Style

While installing the custom beauty boxes, the bottom auto locks without the use of glue or tape, making packing easier and shipping flat. TTAB (Tuck top auto bottom) and GTAB (Tuck top auto bottom) are two similar box styles (Gable top auto bottom).

Paper Boxes with a Gable Top

Also known as carrier box style or handle box style, it allows customers to take the box on top and remove it. Other than cosmetic packaging, pet carrier boxes, cake boxes, and wine bottle carriers are all common uses. 

Style of Hang Tab Box

It is a box that can be hung on a shelf in supermarkets or shops, with a clear window on the body that allows customers to see inside immediately, and it serves more as a promotional tool than a packing tool.

Display Box Style

The display box is a common box style for merchants and supermarkets that is based on an advertisement lid. They were always made of corrugated fiberboard, either single-layer or double-layer corrugated fiberboard.

Styles of Top and Bottom Boxes

It’s also known as a three-piece box or a telescope form box. To construct the box, rigid cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, or even rigid paper could be used. Some luxury product packaging like this box shape, or the contents within are fragile.

Drawer Box Style

Also known as sliding box and matchbox styles. Slide the inside bottom out from the side and pick the products out; solid on the sides. It could be printed on the lid and drawer base; able to add a silk tab on it; can take out the bottom part more easily.

Style of Folding Box

A one-piece box style is also known as a mailer box style. Fold the side flaps into the slotted hole on the bottom of the box without using any adhesive or tape. The shipping custom beauty boxes are flat and robust enough for turn-around.

Hinged Lid Rigid Box Style

A book-shaped gift box with a lid that extends the entire width of the box, is covered and is closed with a magnet, ribbon, or iron buckle. Other than a custom beauty box, shoebox packaging, luxury clothing box packaging, and fragile product box packaging are among the most well-known.

Carton Boxes with Slots

The most typical form of corrugated box, tape closing from top to bottom. Single-layer corrugated fiberboard, as well as double and triple-layer corrugated fiberboard, can be used.

Tuck End Paper Box Style

The box is closed on two sides with the same closure technique, which is only on the cover flap. Cosmetic box packaging, led light box packaging, tea packaging, and digital gadget packaging are all common uses. Straight tuck ends custom beauty boxes (STE boxes) and reverses tuck end boxes (RTE boxes) are two popular types (RTE boxes).

Choose the appropriate box size

Another crucial consideration is the size of your custom beauty boxes. The product will not fit properly if the package is too tiny. The product will shift inside the box if it is too large, and if it is fragile, it may be damaged.

As a result, you’ll want to double-check your measurements. You can use one of our templates for free if your box size matches one of our templates. You can obtain 100% custom boxes manufactured to measure for your unique product in addition to the existing box library.

You can install inserts that prevent your product from shifting inside the box for further safety. Whatever you’re selling, there’s a cosmetic box for it!

Lastly, select a high-quality cardstock for your project

When your design is complete, the next step is to select the paper that will be used to construct your box. 

A cosmetic box, regardless of the goods, should be robust. It should also be pleasant to touch. These two characteristics help to give the impression of high-end goods.

There are four common types of paper that work best for custom beauty boxes:

  • 19.2pt Metallized Paperboard
  • 17.2pt White Paperboard
  • 18pt Brown Kraft Paperboard
  • 19.2pt White Paperboard

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