Custom Printed Boxes

Repurposing Ideas For Custom Cardboard Boxes 

Custom Cardboard Boxes

While technology is continually providing us with new methods of doing things, some things refuse to change. Take, for example, the good custom cardboard boxes: 90% of all products transported in the United States are still packaged in some form of cardboard.

Although recycling cardboard boxes is a sustainable option, there are a variety of alternative uses for old packaging boxes! For personal use, corrugated cardboard can be used to make a variety of objects. 

It’s also less expensive to reuse old cardboard rather than buying new, plus it’s far more environmentally good if you can repurpose your boxes! You can use cardboard for virtually anything you can think of with a little thought and effort.

Ways to Repurposing Custom Cardboard Boxes

Because custom cardboard boxes production contributes to global deforestation, reuse and recycling are becoming increasingly important in today’s society.


A thank-you note written by hand is always appreciated. So, what could be better than creating your statement on the original presentation box? No envelope is required to send cardboard “postcards.”

DIY logo coasters

Pull out some cardboard six-pack holders from your custom cardboard boxes pile and turn them into coasters! For each coaster, you’ll need a basic ceramic tile, felt, sealer and finish, and spray lacquer. This is a simple, low-cost activity, and the coasters make excellent gifts.

Artwork for the walls

Who knew cardboard could be a party show-stopper? Nobody would guess that a sequin-letter garland could be from an old cardboard box if they saw it. Cutting the cardboard and lining it with a background or sequins results in a homemade decor item that looks professional!

Use as dinner circle 

With a cardboard tube from a roll of plastic wrap or foil, make a set of these charming napkin rings. A quarter yard of your preferred fabric will have plenty for rings. Bind the cloth to the inside of each cardboard coil with fabric glue or double-sided tape.

Cord holder for shoebox

All you need is a shoebox and some toilet paper or paper towel rolls to keep little cords organized. Try this helpful tip: Fill a shoebox with as many empty toilet paper rolls as will fit vertically; then, in each tube, insert a single tiny cord. This system might also be used for other small goods.

In chic storage 

A trio of storage bags is a lot easier to make than you might imagine. The fabric coverings are held in place with gold screw bolts and spray glue, and an old belt is repurposed as a carrying strap.

Castle made out of a cardboard box

If you have large custom cardboard boxes from appliances or furniture, make sure a child gets to play with them! Playhouses, forts, castles, and spaceships can all be made out of those custom cardboard boxes

Provide assistance with cutting and assembly for young children. And make sure there are enough crayons, markers, and/or chalk for decorating. 

The most enjoyable aspect of a DIY cardboard box project maybe painting the cardboard. The lovely DIY playhouse, on the other hand, will last for decades.

Make stationery out of discarded cartons

Homemade stationery, whether for personal or commercial usage, is sure to capture the eye. The use of cardboard as a platform for thank you notes or personal messages gives the product a rustic character. 

You could also use the paper and cardboard as scrap paper for brainstorming sessions, or cut them up into pieces to mark your garage containers!

Reusing Cardboard Boxes in Eco-Friendly Manner

  • Make a planter out of it by lining it with a plastic bag with small holes drilled in the bottom. You may paint the cardboard to add extra decoration and make it more enjoyable!
  • To build attractive storage containers, paint custom cardboard boxes or line them with fabric.
  • Make coasters by cutting out small circles and painting them. 
  • Cut into small pieces and use them as furniture sliders to protect your flooring.
  • Place over weeds in your yard to organically kill them without the need for chemicals. Simply moisten the broken down custom cardboard boxes with a hose and set them flat over the weeds, then cover with earth.
  • Keep the money in case you need to send a box to someone else.

Reusing Cardboard Boxes for Pets

Make dog beds 

Custom cardboard boxes are just as beneficial to our furry friends as they are to us! The corrugated material in this DIY dog bed is robust enough to hold a small dog and provide it with a comfy spot to sit. Even though it takes a lot of time and work to make this bed, it will be well worth it for your particular pet.

Pad for scratching

This scratching pad constructed from custom cardboard boxes will save your furniture and impress your favorite kitty. The painted outside ring is a personal preference.

Make cat toys

This toy is perfect for you if your cat is hyperactive and loves to play with anything they can get their hands on. 

A whack-a-mole-style game developed for cats is made entirely of cardboard. The cardboard is tough enough to withstand the cat’s impact, and it is a much more cost-effective alternative to buying numerous toys for your cat.

So Why is it Important to Reuse and Recycle Cardboard?

Demand for recycled cardboard is high. Even though the amount might be much greater, most custom cardboard boxes are made up of about 35% recycled material.

Although recycling cardboard is a fantastic way to lessen the impact of creating cardboard in the future, reusing cardboard reduces the demand for other materials that may be substituted with the cardboard you now have!

Regardless of whether you reuse or recycle cardboard, be sure it does not wind up in a landfill! Organic materials decompose in landfills, producing methane and carbon dioxide. Because both of these gasses are greenhouse gasses, releasing them into the atmosphere has negative consequences for the environment and our climate. 

Landfills are frequently located in underprivileged areas, therefore reducing the impact of landfills on the local community is equally crucial for social justice. Multiple Packages have multiple types of custom boxes in the USA.

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