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New Design Ideas for CBD Products to Game Up Your Packaging


A terrific CBD product with an equally fantastic logo is one thing, but awesome, trendy, on-brand, innovative packaging is what really closes the deal. 

In reality, the appearance of a box on a shelf or the feel of a container in our hands can easily be the most important aspect in our choice to buy a product.

Product package design, unlike other types of design, produces a concrete consequence. It’s more personal because we hold, share, and transport it.

Since the need for CBD products has grown, a slew of new products have entered the market, resulting in strong competition. 

To get more customers, a company must be innovative and creative when developing its own products. Aside from offering excellent products for customers, it is critical to developing a distinct brand that will attract attention. 

Consumers will be drawn to well-designed packaging. It will significantly improve the company’s growth.

Considering that, this article entails some amazing custom CBD boxes ideas for the year 2022.

Eight Amazing CBD Box Design Ideas to Boost Your Packaging Game

The custom CBD boxes’ structural design might also have a significant impact on your bottom line. Consider items like shelf and storage space while choosing a design. If it’ll be tough to store in your warehouse, you don’t want an awkwardly shaped box.

When creating your package, keep transportation expenses in mind. If you’re not attentive, the size and weight of a box can increase your shipping charges excessively.

Simplicity has a magical effect

Apple has a knack for creating stunning custom CBD boxes. This is due to the fact that they keep things simple and elegant both inside and out.

The product name, logo, product beauty photo, and information about the product are all displayed in single-colored custom CBD boxes. 

Inside, everything is just as simple, with every pocket, tab, and notch in its proper place. Apple is all about simplicity, and its packaging unifies the entire brand.

Illustrations on CBD box packaging

One way to sell your Cannabis product is to include an excellent illustration that depicts the plant’s health benefits. 

Because these plants are also used to make illicit drugs, you must be cautious while creating logos and drawings that highlight the benefits of Cannabis. Make sure you don’t include any illustrations of recreational applications of the product. 

It’s also important because social media networks might be limiting when it comes to cannabis advertisements and marketing.

Give your typography some thought

How many times have you seen custom CBD boxes with no words on them? They’re out there, but relatively unusual. 

Typography is used in almost every product box design. The arrangement of letters and words is known as typography. Font sizes and styles are among the items covered.

It’s great to experiment with fonts, but keep in mind that you want your words to appear attractive as well as be legible. 

Don’t use too many different font styles at once. That can make your message look jumbled and muddled.

Use health symbols to maximize CBD’s health benefits

Businesses are attempting to exploit this information and use it to promote CBD goods as more people become aware of the medical benefits of medical marijuana and other CBD-based products. 

It’s incredibly useful for persuading customers who are still hesitant to use the product because of probable negative associations with recreational drugs.

Pharmaceutical symbols are being used in CBD boxes wholesale to take advantage of these health benefits. On most CBD products, you’ll notice cross symbols or another medical-related branding.

It’s always fun with stories

Packaging design may be a great area to tell a story about your business or product, whether it’s true or not.

On your custom CBD boxes, you can employ travel stickers and postage to highlight the origin of the product, which comes from all around the world. 

But not too much storytelling 

Starting with a focus point is beneficial. Your message will be lost in the middle if there are too many typefaces, clashing colors, and a jumble of visuals. 

You don’t want to confuse your viewers by using too many design components. Instead, let your design pieces complement one another and breathe.

Of course, design rules are occasionally supposed to be broken. Consider these CBD box packaging design ideas from the perspective of your buyer. Knowing your target demographic and what look would appeal to them is the most crucial element.

A box with beats

This is insanely cool.

Pizza Hut created a pizza box that serves as a DJ turntable as well as a storage container for tasty pizzas. Pizza lovers may connect the box to their phone or laptop and play music using tiny Bluetooth wizardry and printed circuits. Isn’t that amazing?

Though this may be beyond most people’s budget range, consider creative ways to give your package a second life beyond just carrying your goods. Customers will appreciate it.

Be realistic with organic and green design

The usage of the color green or a subdued brown in the packaging of popular CBD products is another ideal custom CBD boxes design. 

Customers may perceive CBD goods to be more natural and organic as a result of these color combinations. It would also be beneficial to include information about how the product is cultivated, which helps highlight the natural origins of your products.

Despite the limited color palette, most companies employ this design style to persuade customers that CBD products have positive effects on the human body. So, when you design custom boxes, you must follow these ideas.

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