Custom Beauty Boxes

Eight Ways to Reuse Your Gorgeous Beauty Packaging Containers

Custom Beauty Boxes

Cosmetics fans will understand the difficulty of what to do with the empty, and often quite an elaborate packaging after purchasing their favorite beauty and skincare items. 

The reuse of packaging is a fantastic option. Follow these simple ideas for repurposing your favorite cosmetic items and making your beauty buying habits more sustainable.

A large element of a product’s success is its ability to generate resentment. You can’t just stuff anything in a plastic bag and expect it to sell; it has to attract the eye of the customer.

This is especially true when it comes to cosmetics, beauty products, and custom beauty boxes. Appearance goods are frequently packaged in glamorous and feminine packaging, as they are supposed to grab the eye of someone trying to better their personal beauty. This packaging can also be reused for a variety of tasks.

Eight Amazing Ideas to Reuse Beauty Packaging Containers  

If you’re a cosmetic enthusiast like me, you know how quickly a mountain of makeup bottles and knickknacks can build up. 

However, finding new uses not only saves you money, but it also helps the environment! Here’s how to put your old custom beauty boxes to good use.

Body scrub container for potted plants

A body scrub is in larger, broader tubs so that you may grab some scrub with your fingers. Body butter is the same way. These containers make excellent DIY plant pots when they are empty.

All you have to do now is clean the container, add some dirt and a plant, and you’re done! You’ve got a nice little houseplant there. Make sure there are holes in the bottom to drain any surplus water. It’s also a good idea to put it on a plate to avoid spills.

You don’t need to do anything else than enjoy your new pot if the container is already attractive. 

You may also use acrylic paint to adorn the container or add glass beads to it for a more glam look. Do you like a bohemian or nautical look? The rope can be glued to the outside!

Bobby Pins can be kept in old lip balm containers

It’s simple to recycle old custom beauty boxes, cosmetic containers, and other forms of receptacles.

Do you have any antique lip balm containers? What about bobby pins that vanish as soon as you buy them? Then an old lip balm tube will suffice. Simply slip it in and put it away.

Premade cotton pads in empty jar

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to find travel-size makeup containers? You can make one yourself if you have empty custom beauty boxes.

Wash out an empty cosmetic container to accomplish this. Make sure the container’s entrance is wide enough to accommodate a cotton pad. Containers for moisturizer and powder work particularly nicely.

After you’ve cleaned out custom beauty boxes, fill them with toner or makeup remover and cotton pads (make one for each, if you like).

These cotton pads have been pre-soaked and are ready to use. They are ideal for travel. Keep it in your car or handbag to ensure you never run out of cotton pads!

Make vases out of perfume bottles

Empty perfume bottles tend to gather simply because they’re too cute (and too expensive) to throw away!

Earring organizer in potted eyeshadows

If you use a lot of potted eyeshadow, save the empty containers and use them as an earring organizer. Collect and clean up all of your old potted eyeshadows. When you’ve made enough, glue them on a wooden cutting board or serving tray.

You can paint or adorn the board however you want before gluing on the pots. Make a creative design or spell out your name with the pots. 

Once you’ve got your organizer set up the way you want it, use each pot to keep a pair of earrings or a ring. You’ll never need to look for a matching pair of earrings again! 

Alternatively, you may use magnets to adhere your eyeshadow pots to a metal baking sheet by gluing magnets to the bottom of each.

Make a brush holder out of shampoo bottles

Shampoo bottles are one of the most adaptable containers available.

The brush holder is our favorite reincarnation. Cut a couple of inches from the bottom of an empty shampoo bottle. Dull the cut edges, and there you have it! It’s a makeup brush holder!

Kit for sewing

Sewing kits are essential in any household, and our love heart-shaped custom beauty box is ideal for keeping needles, thread, and other equipment. Reuse your empty packaging to spruce up your storage and keep your sewing kit organized.

From cosmetics to gifts

Many cosmetic products come in appealing packaging, as we’ve already explored. Cosmetic packaging is also the best way to keep your beauty products.

There’s no reason to discard these sturdy custom beauty boxes. You can instead utilize them to make high-end gift boxes. Cover any product labels with your own labels, or use scrapbook paper to cover the entire box.

You can use these custom beauty boxes as jewelry organizers, makeup organizers, or simply store wonderful things.

There’s No End to Reusing Custom Boxes!

There’s no end to the possibilities when it comes to repurposing custom boxes. Allow your creativity to run free and be creative!

Then, see if there are any other sorts of packing that can be repurposed. You’ll contribute less rubbish to landfills that are already overburdened, and you’ll feel proud of yourself for turning trash into something useful and beautiful.

Save your planet by reducing, reusing, and recycling!

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