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Amazing Custom Cookie Boxes Packaging Designs 


A fresh-baked batch of cookies is all you need to send out party gifts, thank a nice hostess, or surprise a kindhearted coworker. We understand that there are other packing alternatives available—but we’re here to tell you why custom cookie boxes are the way to go. To begin with, bespoke boxes are simply adorable. Who doesn’t like adorable packaging?

Custom cookie boxes allow you to choose a design that speaks to your business and personality while also making people want to reach out and take your cookies.

Second, bespoke boxes are simple to brand with your logo or other materials. And, let’s be honest, if you want to make it in the big leagues, you’ve got to nail your branding. No matter how delicious your cookies are, if they don’t appear to have a backstory, they are of no value.

You may utilize custom cookie boxes to tell that story while also ensuring that your cookies sell themselves and drive repeat sales.

Third (and maybe most significantly), unique packaging communicates to your consumers that they are receiving a high-quality product with each bite. People will assume you care about them if they notice you care about how your cookies are.

Amazing Ideas for Custom Cookie Boxes

Advantages of custom cookie boxes include: 

  • They are eye-catching 
  • They are robust and prevent your cookies from damage 
  • They are recyclable

Pyramid Boxes with Custom Sleeves

A personalized sleeve on the pyramid packaging is a one-of-a-kind combo that no one can overlook. This concept is outstanding since it provides clients with an excellent unpacking experience. Three or four sides are on a pyramid. 

The same is for the sleeve, which also serves as an exterior protective covering. This outer layer can also have eye-catching printing images. Choose a contrasting theme for this layer to create a truly distinctive look. You may also wear a partial sleeve, which looks great in specific situations.

Make use of Boxes with Clear Windows

If you sell cookies, there is one marketing tactic you are overlooking: window boxes for cookie packing. Why? It’s simple. People are more inclined to buy anything when they can see what they’re receiving!

This is true for all things, but notably for food. Consider this: how many packets of chips do you buy merely because you can see through the box and the chip shapes appear appealing?

Consider a bakery or supermarket shop where you may inspect the cookies before purchasing them. You’ll be a lot more inclined to acquire some, don’t you think?

Custom cookie boxes with windows are also ideal for cookies since they prevent crushing during transportation and storage. They also make it easy to package several cookies in a single box.

Hexagonal Shoulder Set

We’ve all heard of shoulder custom cookie boxes, but making them hexagonal is a novel idea. You may customize their size to match the measurements of your product. Their fundamental structure consists of three parts: a base, a cover, and a tray. 

The tray is housed in their base. The lid covers the tray, however, there is a space between it and the base. It creates a smooth line between them. The line’s location can be changed to make it more noticeable. The colors of the base and lid might be the same, but the tray should have a contrasting motif. It will make the slimline more visible.

Metallic-finished collapsible box

Using foldable custom cookie boxes with metallic finishes may give your bakery goods a premium appeal. They are ideal for giving as gifts. When they open, their whole structure falls. They contain several layers that seem pleasing after being opened. 

Metallic foiling can give them a more opulent appearance. This foiling may be customized with your preferred colors. Colors such as gold, silver, and rose gold are popular. Because of its quality and distinctive appearance, your clients will readily accept this box as a present.

Cookie boxes and accessories

Select something shallow with a lid for the custom cookie boxes. Disposable cardboard boxes or commemorative cookie tins can be used. To your shopping list, you should also include micro cupcake liners (to layer in smaller cookies), burlap twine or ribbon (to tie a stack of cookies together), and paper (to separate pieces of the box).

Decorating the box

Even a regular store-bought box can be transformed into something unique. Line the box with tissue paper, then fill it with your favorite treats. Decorate the box with a lovely bow made of colored ribbon. What is our favorite color combination? A simple brown box covered in bright gold or gleaming silver ribbon.

Build your box

Begin with an open wooden box and separate your cookies with dividers. You can also look in the craft aisle of a grocery store. If you don’t have a wooden box, a robust heavy-duty cardboard box or cookie tins with dividers or tissue paper would do.

You can construct your own cardboard dividers or use cupcakes or parchment paper liners for the divisions.

Put the box together

Arrange the cookies in various ways and place cookies of all forms, sizes, and colors next to one another to make them appear fascinating. 

You don’t want a large section of cookies that look the same. To group-specific cookies together, use cupcake liners with burlap twine or ribbon. Divide and split off portions of the custom cookie boxes using cardstock.

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